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Part One: The Most Common Mistakes Most People

Make When Choosing New Cabinets:

Mistake #1: Being sold "custom cabinets" and actually getting "stock cabinets".

There are two types of cabinets you'll encounter on the marketplace: stock cabinets and custom cabinets. And these two types of cabinets are worlds apart. I'll take a moment and reveal the differences between both of them. I'll start with...

Stock or "Pre-fabricated" cabinets: Stock cabinets are made by machine and mass-produced. They are "cookie cutter" cabinets and are literally forced to fit into your home. This type of cabinet is typically sold in giant home centers and is generally the cheapest option.

 But here is the trap: many home centers sell "stock cabinets" also called "semi-custom" as "custom cabinets". This is a pitfall you have to avoid because you don't get your money's worth with "stock" or "prefab" cabinets .

 Why do some unscrupulous home centers and cabinet shops do this? For one simple reason: profit. You see, most consumers don't know how to tell inferior quality cheap stock cabinets from authentic custom cabinets (but YOU will soon!). As a result, this makes it easy for dishonest cabinet shops to pass off stock cabinets as "custom cabinets" and charge more than they really should. This is the "dirty little secret" of the cabinet trade. Some shops charge you for a "Lexus" and deliver a "Yugo" instead.

 Also: contractors prefer "stock" cabinets because if the job comes in cheaper, they make more money. Stock cabinets are generally cheaper than genuine custom-made cabinets.

Now let's talk about a better option for your
kitchen...genuine "custom cabinets":

Custom Cabinets: Custom cabinets are made by hand - by a skilled craftsperson with an attention to detail. They are custom-fitted to your home. Buying custom cabinets for your home is like buying a fine custom-tailored suit rather than an "off the rack" special. They simply "fit" your home better than stock cabinets. And here's the reason for this: every home is unique. Some homes have rectangle kitchens, others have "L" shaped kitchens, and some homes have kitchens that aren't exactly level or plumb .

Tip: The best way to tell if it is a custom cabinet is, the finished side of the cabinet is; flush, there is no face frame sticking out past the side of the cabinet!!

Custom cabinets take all the small details of your home into account. On the other hand, "stock", one-size-fits-all cabinetry simply cannot "fit" your home, with your home's special needs taken into account. Custom cabinets satisfy the typical homeowner more than stock cabinets because they are designed with YOU in mind.

Plus, because custom cabinets are made by hand - one at a time - you get a wider range of options to match your home. You can match styles, colors and existing looks much more easily.

Another benefit: Custom cabinets are NOT mass-produced and therefore last much longer than machine-made cabinets. So, avoid the very common mistake of purchasing "stock" or "prefabricated" cabinets.





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